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Promoting inclusivity and respect and opposing anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry - in our community and schools.

Our Mission

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), in keeping with the traditional Jewish mandates to pursue justice and to repair the world, builds bridges of understanding and communication within our Jewish community and beyond, to the general community.

We work within the Jewish and broader communities in the greater Asheville area to enhance cooperation with other religious, racial, ethnic, and civic groups and to foster a just, democratic and pluralistic society.

Whether advocating for students, teachers and staff with local schools and universities, meeting with government officials, collaborating in interfaith initiatives, responding to issues of anti-Semitism, or combatting all forms of racial and ethnic hatred and prejudice, the JCRC assists our community in this pursuit for justice.

Who We Are

The JCRC of Greater Asheville is a group of Jewish parents, educators and leaders in the community with the goals of promoting greater cooperation and collaboration within our community around issues of religious inclusion, anti-Semitism, and combating all forms of racial and ethnic hatred and prejudice.

For more information about the JCRC, how we can help you, or to work with our committee, please contact committee chairperson, Becca Mericle, at

What We Do

Our work primarily focuses around advocating with specific students and their families around issues of anti-Semitism in their school. We are also responsible for the creation and distribution of an annual calendar and information guide about the Jewish holidays which is distributed to all area schools.

We conduct the annual “Navigating anti-Semitism in the Schools” seminars for parents and students, present at the ACS and BCS fall principals meetings regarding holiday celebrations in schools, work with the Jewish Leadership Collaborative to produce a proactive communication process to respond and react to community needs, a series of racial justice advocacy seminars that were presented via Zoom during the height of COVID, an ADL workshop for students this past fall entitled “Words to Action” and we are now mid plans on a parent workshop that will be held on February 26, 2024.

Council Members:

  • Becca Mericle – President
  • Frank Goldsmith – Secretary
  • Marty Mann – Immediate Past Co-President
  • Rochelle Reich – Immediate Past Co-President
  • Ed Tennen
  • Alan Escovitz
  • Michael Barnett
  • Deborah Miles
  • Alison Rhodes
  • Buffy Skolnick

We mobilize our community

JCRC is a catalyst. We activate our community to engage in issues that matter and get results.

We convene people

JCRC is a convener. We bring together people and groups with disparate ideas and priorities.

We advocate

JCRC is an advocate. We help civic leaders, lawmakers and other changemakers understand the many sides of complex issues.

We create relationships

JCRC is a connector. We form relationships among people and groups with deep disagreements – and work to identify commonalities and come together in the most important moments.

Events & Resources

Report an anti-Semitic,
Bias or Discriminatory Incident

JCRC believes people should not be targeted or treated unfairly because of their religion, race, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin or disability. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of bias, hatred, or bigotry, please copy and paste the content below into a new email. Answer the questions as best you can and send your email to

We will do our best to investigate your situation and respond to you quickly. 

(copy and paste the following into your blank email)

Subject line: Incident report

  1. What happened: (Please share one)
    • I want to report a hate crime or hate incident
    • I believe that I was discriminated against
    • I am concerned about a religious display or religious observance
    • I need help obtaining religious accommodation
    • I am experiencing hate or harassment online
  2. Date of Incident
  3. Incident description
  4. What remedy/solution are you seeking?
  5. Where did this incident occur (include as much information as possible, including address, name of building, residence etc..)
  6. Your contact information (Full name, email and phone number)